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What connects the elephant and ONE DAY? 

3 blind men encounter the elephant. 

One touches the tail and thinks it's a rope.

Another one touches the trunk and thinks it's a snake. 

The third one touches the body and is convinced that it's a wall. 

Everyone feels only one part of the elephant, and they fail to bring their perceptions together.

That is what ONE DAY wants to change: we bring everyone to one table to get a 360-degree system view on the most burning global problems.  

ONE DAY is a community and an annual conference on systems change, focusing on waste and food waste, gender equality and responsible digitalisation.

Why should you join?

Are you also tired of the inactive social media groups where everyone is self-promoting?

Tired of supporting these social media platforms when you know you should use your time more productively?

Us too.

We created ONE DAY: The Community Platform to provide you with space where all stakeholders come together; NGOs, companies, researchers, students and all other changemakers. It is the place where we enable a 365-day conversation around systems change, focusing on waste, gender equality and responsible digitalisation.

 Become a member of the community if you want to: 

  • Get a free ticket for ONE DAY: The Conference 2022! If you purchase access to our community platform, this comes with a free ticket to our annual conference: ONE DAY 2022 (held in the first half of March each year)
  • Be part of a community of changemakers to discuss systems change and social innovation, focusing on gender equality, waste and responsible digitalisation
  • Network with academics, experts, social businesses and companies, students who share your interests and values 
  • Get full access to all the 20+ recordings of the sessions at ONE DAY: The Conference 2021
  • Get access to our Resource Library where you can find reliable, relevant and quick information on each of our topics - perfect for when you want to dive deeper into those issues
  • Share job, internship or volunteering opportunities in your company, organisation or NGO and find the best candidate in our changemaker community
  • Search for job, internship or volunteering opportunities with an impact and work with companies, NGOs, social businesses and startups that share your values
  • Get exclusive discounts on unique changemaker events organised by ONE DAY and our partners 

ONE DAY: The Conference 2022

ONE DAY: The Conference 2021 took place this year for the 4th time including 60+ speakers in 25+ sessions, of which 0 were all-male panels.

We learned and understood systems, we were inspired to think differently and collaborate with other changemakers, NGOs, researchers and companies like UN Women Austria, Harvard University, Yale University, Cambridge University, IDEO.org, Climate-KIC, Universität Wien, WU Vienna, WWF, Global 2000, Stadt Wien, Circular Futures, Bertalanffy Center for the Study of Systems Science, Complexity Science Hub Vienna, ABZ* Austria, and many more.

We had fascinating panel discussions with the following titles: 

  • The three superpowers you need to know to change systems
  • Waste is just a value in the wrong place
  • Why we need to talk about utopia today
  • If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear: dangerous narratives in data privacy
  • Gender Equality and Men: Is the gender equality movement inclusive enough?
  • Elektroschrott, Reparatur und Kreislaufwirtschaft
  • and many more...

Click here to get more information about ONE DAY: 


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theonedaycommunity/  

Next year in March we are bringing you ONE DAY: The Conference 2022. 

What you can expect: 

  • Two days and more than 25 thought-provoking sessions including: 
  • Lightning panel discussions with renowned international speakers on Waste, Digitalisation and Gender Equality
  • 1-on-1 mentoring sessions for social entrepreneurs
  • Regenerating yoga and meditation breaks
  • The dreamland of co-creation: The ONE DAY Lab with researchers, NGOs, companies and you on one table
  •  1-on-1 networking possibilities with like-minded people
  • A virtual expo with inspiring impact initiatives of all sorts

You can also be part of the next ONE DAY: The Conference next year: 

Join our Community Platform, and you'll automatically get a FREE ticket for ONE DAY: The Conference 2022! 

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